Day 1 Update: 2016 OKC Spring Break QB Training

“While the competition is at the slopes and the sand, we are working to spin it out of our hand.”

QB Daxx Garman works with Hayden Conrad. 2016 OKC Spring Break QB Training

QB Daxx Garman works with Hayden Conrad. 2016 OKC Spring Break QB Training

What a great first day.

This is the 5th year of our spring break camps and we might have one of the most talented group of QBs since we started doing these in 2012.  Coach McCulley and Coach Dickinson have been saying it for a long time, the class of 2017 QBs is going to be a good one for the state of Oklahoma and Florida.

Quarterbacks checked-in at 10am, and the day started with a welcome and review of the weekend and expectations from Coach Joe McCulley, Coach Tom George, and Coach Joe Dickinson. These guys really are the best at their craft.  After about an hour and half of meetings, QBs had lunch and then moved over to the indoor facility for the first throwing session of the weekend.

Quick hits from the first session:

Tyler Wallace (Tulsa Union, Class of 2019):  When we first met him last year (as an 8th grader) he was solid as rock.  Clearly not a stranger to the weight room.  Has the physical maturity of a much older football player.  His Hudl page currently has him listed at 191 lbs, and that is not an exaggeration.  Last year at this time we knew he was a great football player.   Seeing him throw during this first session, it’s obvious that he has put in the work to be a great QUARTERBACK.  Tulsa Union is lucky to have this young man for the next 3 years.

Norman Cotteleer (Suffield Academy, Class of 2018):  What a difference a year makes.  After the first day, he’s a candidate for the most improved quarterback award.  Fundamentals and drills are starting to become natural to him.  He traveled the furthest distance of any quarterback in camp (coming to Oklahoma from Connecticut). 

Caden Walters (Dodge City High School, Class of 2016):  Can’t say enough good things about this QB from Dodge City.  He is the total package.  One of the hardest working and also one of the most tenured QBs in our group.  He is one of the first.  Currently planning to play college football for Dodge City Community College, we think he has a lot of football in his future.  He’s a great role model for the youth QBs because of his work ethic on the field and how he carries himself off the field. 

Brandon George (Jones High School, Class of 2017):  It's spring break, and also his birthday today.  Most people his age would likely be celebrating at the "slopes or the sand".  He chose to train.  When camp ended, he got in a car to drive to Dallas to participate in another opportunity to compete and get better.  Want to know what it takes to be labeled one of the best in your class?  Spend some time with Brandon.

Daxx Garman and Quinn Shanbour.  When the playing days are over for these 2, they are going to make great coaches.  It’s awesome to see them work with the younger QBs.  It’s clear that they haven’t forgot that at one time they were just starting out.

Quinn has been labled a “fan favorite” at North Texas.  Spring football starts on Tuesday after the camp.  He’ll be in a tough competition to be the starter for new Head Coach Seth Littrell.  

We are excited to see what day 2 brings.  Follow-us on twitter and instagram for continuous updates.