By Jake Perper (Prep Sports Scouting)

JACKSONVILLE – Quarterback Carter Bradley is getting ready for his second season as the full-time starter at Providence and he simply wants to take it all in and have fun. Growing from 5’11” to 6’3″, the rising junior is getting attention from big-time Division-I programs and rightfully so.

QB Carter Bradley (Photo credit Scout.com)

QB Carter Bradley (Photo credit Scout.com)

The son of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley, Carter took over the reigns at Providence as a freshman, starting the final six games of the season including the 3A region quarterfinal against Trinity Catholic.

He says being the man under center full-time was something he really looked forward to last season as a sophomore.

“It’s varsity football, it’s Friday night, there is really nothing better,” Bradley told Prep Sports Scouting. “Coming from my freshman year and really looking to my sophomore year what I need to improve on and going into my sophomore year ready; it was a year to get my feet wet. I love it. It’s something else.”

In terms of his confidence, Bradley admits that he never really knew that he could be as good as he is now until he finished this past season.

“Coaches coming up to me and saying ‘this kid has got game’ and hearing it from other people. That is kind of a distraction, good or bad. It’s going to affect me at some point. I try not to let me get that to me because it kind of rolls and I start feeling good about myself. I try to play my game and do what I do best.”

The Stallions went 7-3 during Bradley’s freshman year but stumbled to a 3-7 record this past season. He says the team is going into this season really hard wanting to make something special for the school.

“I really see what I need to. There are people watching me every step so I can’t be slacking. I always have to bring my A-game. There are other people around me that know that.”

Bradley’s dad Gus has his back despite being swamped with his job as the man in charge of the Jaguars. Carter says he learned about the game at a young age.

“Definitely, me being a coach’s son, not just now with him being the head coach in the NFL it has been ball 24/7. It’s always been a great experience for me growing up in that football environment.”

Bradley says his dad has given him helpful hints all throughout his football life starting at the age of 6. Playing quarterback throughout the process, he says his mistakes help him grow us a player and his dad is always there for him.

“He gives me helpful advice after watching games and break everything down from a fundamental standpoint. I’m so grateful to have him in my life.”

Bradley has been on the move most of his life but says he’s gotten used to it.

Born in Fargo, North Dakota his dad served as a defensive coordinator at North Dakota State from 1996-2005 before being a quality control coach and a linebackers coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2006-2008. Then he moved to Seattle to be the Seahawks defensive coordinator from 2009-2012. Now, he’s in Jacksonville.

Carter goes to all the Jaguars home games and says he has a close relationship with the quarterbacks there including starter Blake Bortles and veteran backup Chad Henne.

“Me and Blake, I’d say we are good friends. We talk. He’s definitely busy so I try to make friends with the backups. Me and Chad kind of joke around a little bit. Chad’s a good role model. Those guys in that quarterback room I love them, I learn a lot from them.”

Bradley says Bortles and Henne constantly tell them to take it all in: “It’s high school football you’ve only got a couple years left. This is something people live for and they miss so much.”

Moving from Palmer Catholic to Providence going into high school, Bradley has been all about improving his game. He plays 7-on-7 with the Jacksonville Hornets. He played baseball as well until moving to Jacksonville in 7th grade.

Bradley started training with DeBartolo Sports in March including coach Ryan Walker and lead quarterback instructor Joe Dickinson.

On Walker: “Coming from a standpoint of he played college football, high school football, he went through everything. He’s definitely helping me go through the process. I’m loving it so far. He’s another person I can look to and I trust him.”

Ryan Walker had this to say about Bradley and his progress to this point.

“Carter had come a long way on and off the field in just the little time I have met him,” Walker said. “When on the field, he is as focused as anyone can be working on his technique and visualizing the defense as he applies his training. Then when we are in the film room he is engaged in studying the game inside and out from all aspects…

“He’s proven to be a smart kid and retain the information as he moves forward. I’m excited for the future of Carter. People know the name Bradley here in Jacksonville however, I believe after this season they will know the name Carter even more in some households.”

On Dickinson: “I love his attitude. He comes with a lot of energy and it is really something else. I can connect with him really well and he helps my game a lot.”

Bradley is close with the other DeBartolo quarterbacks including Mandarin’s River Walkerand Raines’ Augie DeBiase. He says Walker and him are very good friends while DeBiase and him live two houses from each other and have grown closer. He also has thrown with Bolles’ Mac Jones, an Alabama commit.

College Looks & Future

Currently, Bradley holds four offers from Louisville, East Carolina, Mercer and Florida International. He also has generated interest Miami, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Florida State.

He’s planning a trip to Louisville on July 15 and is aiming to see FIU play Indiana on Sept. 1.

Bradley has packed on 15 lbs. of muscle this off-season going from 180 lbs. to 195 lbs. He says his arm strength, size and mental aspect of the game have improved. He’s looking to get his foot speed up this summer.

His head coach Jeff Kopp is entering his fourth season at Providence. Bradley calls him an amazing guy.

“The guy is literally so enthusiastic. He comes to work every day with the mindset that we are getting better. He’s a likable guy to be around. He’s helping this team, helping this program, helping this school. He’s the guy that I can go to and I can trust.”

Bradley’s dad is his biggest role model.

“I really look up to him. He’s something else to me. I can’t really put it into words. I watch everything that he does. I try to make him proud in everything that I do.”

As for his top goal that is to make it to the NFL. His other main goal is very interesting, to say the least.

“I really want to play against my dad, even though he’s my role model I’d like to whoop his butt.”

He envisions staying in the game of football as a coach once it is all said and done because he says he wouldn’t know what he’d do without it.

It’s hard to find a guy more passionate than Bradley. The kid is all about football, all the time. He has great resources around him including his father Gus Bradley, quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Chad Henne, his head coach Jeff Kopp and stellar DeBartolo Sports instructors Ryan Walker and Joe Dickinson.

Carter Bradley is going to earn more offers this season, there is no doubt in my mind. As long as he can block out the noise then he’ll have a shot to be a tremendous player. He is one of the top quarterbacks prospect in the class of 2018.

Quick Hitters

Favorite players to watch – Aaron Rodgers
Playlist before games – Future, Kid Rock, Bradley Gilbert
Favorite movies – Remember the Titans, The Pistol, Step Brothers
Favorite TV shows – SportsCenter, NFL Network, The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights
Fun fact about you that no one knows – “I love to fish. I’m a big time fisherman. The biggest fish I caught was a nine-foot shark.”
Nickname(s) from teammates or friends – “Hollywood”, “C-Breezy”, “C-Roy”

Game filmBradley’s Hudl tape