Hard work and determination paying off for DeBiase

As one of the top football prospects in the nation, the future is bright for Augie DeBiase. Weighing in at 6'2" tall and 221 pounds, this pro-style quarterback is already built like a grown man, and he's not even a senior in high school yet. The class of 2016 recruit from Neptune Beach, FL is receiving a great deal of attention on the recruiting trail, for good reason.

2016 QB Augie DeBiase with QB Coach Joe Dickinson

2016 QB Augie DeBiase with QB Coach Joe Dickinson

Teams recruiting DeBiase love his combination of size, mobility and fantastic arm strength, and these tools give DeBiase the potential to continue developing into an elite talent. Currently, DeBiase holds scholarship offers from major programs such as Virginia Tech and Indiana, and powerhouse schools like Alabama and Florida State have shown interest in the Jacksonville product.

For DeBiase's upcoming season at Fletcher High School, the goal is to win a state championship like always. Three consecutive double digit victory seasons at Fletcher have raised expectations, and DeBiase is more than capable of helping the team realize their lofty aspirations. To do that, of course, will require training and dedication, but DeBiase has never shied away from putting in the work necessary to be the best.

Heading into his Junior season, DeBiase a nice statistical resume from his varsity playing experience.  He's completed 155/252 (62%) passes for 2,164 yards and 22 TDs.  He's rushed for an additional 615 yards on 161 carries (3.8 ypc) and 8 TDs.

So much of DeBiase's success can be attributed to his rigorous quarterback training that helps him improve daily. His coach Joe Dickinson has played a huge role in molding DeBiase into the desirable prospect that he is currently.

In 2009, determined to improve as a prospect, DeBiase and his family gave a call to Coach Dickinson at DeBartolo Sports, an elite and intense program that grooms quarterbacks to get the most out of their ability. DeBiase and his family candidly told Dickinson that they were willing to put in the work necessary to make Augie a Division I quarterback. From this, a strong relationship formed between DeBiase and Coach Dickinson.

Says Dickinson, “We’ve logged thousands of hours on the field training and in the film room.”  He continues, “Augie is one of the hardest working quarterbacks that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

With the help of his coach, DeBiase has grasped that improvement and then some. While Augie would and has been the first to say that Dickinson has helped transform him as a player, he would probably just as likely to mention their strong bond.  DeBiase's father has stated Dickinson is like another parent to him, teaching him not only football but life lessons.

To say that a deep friendship has formed between Dickinson and the entire DeBiase family is an understatement. While DeBiase will likely go on to do great things in his football career, he will also carry the lessons learned and his friendship with Coach Dickinson into that bright future.