Tampa Bay High School Football Combine Spotlight: Jamieson Craske

This year marks the 10th Annual Tampa Bay High School Football Combine, presented by the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.  With so many exceptional student-athletes in attendance, we'd like to provide the opportunity to get to know the players a little before they hit the field at this year's combine.

Jamieson Craske, 6'1", 230lbs.

Class of 2015, Linebacker, Osceola Fundamental High School, FL

Q: "What do you think distinguishes you from every other player in the nation?"

A: "My intensity and my work ethic"

Q: "What do you hope to gain out of your participation in the Tampa Bay High School Football Combine?"

A: "Continual skill-keep sharp."

Q: "What are your strengths?  What do you need to improve on?"

A: "Strength--My explosiveness and power.  Improve on--my speed and first step reaction"

Q: "What extracurricular or community involvement activities do you participate in?  What are your hobbies outside of football?"

A: "Bass player in a rock band ("Bet Me I'm Lying"), wrestling, track and field, fishing, youth group leader."

Q: "Which player, if any, do you model your game after or often get compared to by your teammates on the field?"

A: "Luke Kuechly"

Q: "How have you evolved over the years as a player?"

A: "Bigger, stronger"

Q: "What is your proudest moment in football?"

A: "MVP Defense for 2013-2014, All County 1st Team Coaches"

Q: "What TV show marathon will keep you on the couch all day?"

A: "Top Gear"

Q: "Who/what has been the biggest influence on football in your life?  How so?"

A: "Coach O'Hanlan, [he taught me] how to be a student of the game-study the game and opponents and how to better my body."

Q: "What honors or awards have you received (both athletic and non-athletic)?"

A: "MVP Defense 2013-2014, Most Intensive Wrestler 2014, Coaches Award of Excellence-Track 2013, Varsity letter-football (freshman, sophomore, junior), Varsity letter-track (sophomore, junior), Varsity letter-wrestling (junior), Track Captain (sophomore & junior), All Academic (sophomore & junior), All County 1st Team Coaches Poll (football), NHS."

Q: "What is your favorite movie?"

A: "Pulp Fiction"

Q: "Who is your favorite NFL team?"

A: "The Tampa Bay Bucs"

Q: "What is your favorite web site?"

A: "Hudl"

Q: "What is your favorite food?"

A: "ALL."

Q: "What college interest have you received?"

A: "Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, UCF, Stetson, FAU, Indiana, Iowa State, Missouri, Michigan, Michigan State, ECU, NCS, UNC"

Q: "What are your statistics from your previous season?"

A: "OLB: 87 total tackles, 8 TFL (-34 yards), 8 sacks (-70 yards), 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries"