Daron Bryden remains humble, despite National attention

It’s not hard to understand why Daron Bryden has gained national attention at such a young age.  

QB Daron Bryden

QB Daron Bryden

At only 8 years old, this current middle schooler was part of an ESPN feature demonstrating his trick shots. A few years later, he beat NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in an accuracy competition on the TV show ‘Kids Do The Darndest Things’ hosted by LL Cool J.  And in March of 2014, National Sports Report ranked Daron as the #1 sixth grade QB in the nation.  He’s already been invited to College camps and has received countless compliments from NFL greats, coaches and members of the media.   

Among those offering their praises is highly regarded quarterback coach, Joe Dickinson. Having trained many current and rising stars, including the nation’s top 2014 quarterback recruit David Cornwell (University of Alabama) and Oklahoma State quarterback  Daxx Garman, he likes what he sees in young Daron: “He is one of the most talented and driven young quarterbacks I have ever met”. He continues: “He just loves the game and has the tools to be the real deal in the future”.

Since meeting Coach Dickinson in early 2013, at a quarterback training event in Boston – Daron’s been working to perfect all areas of his game. He understands that in order to be competitive at the next level, high school football, it’s essential to continuously develop key quarterback fundamentals. Daron is currently focusing on having a wide-base stance and keeping a short step when he throws and not over-striding.

Part of his drive and dedication come from the constant support and commitment his parents made to his game. When not training with Coach Dickinson, his father, Craig, has been instrumental in furthering his development – bringing him to the field to work on mechanics and footwork. His parents feel lucky to be there to support Daron and help him reach his dream.

“We are thankful with the quarterback coaches he’s worked in the past and feel very lucky that he has a great QB coach, Joe Dickinson, now.” Craig continues: “We are having a great time watching him grow up into a great kid. We love watching him play the game of football. He always amazes us on the field. We are very proud parents.”

QB Daron Bryden with Coach Joe Dickinson

QB Daron Bryden with Coach Joe Dickinson

Daron’s received a tremendous amount of local and national recognition. He continues to display remarkable modesty and maturity despite his age and is well-adjusted to the interviews and articles. It can be easy to forget that he’s just a normal 12-year-old that enjoys basketball, playing Madden with his dad and spending time with his younger brother, Jaxon, and sister, Mikaela. He also knows that it’s important to study and be proud of the grades you achieve.

With this football season quickly coming to end, Daron already has a full offseason schedule planned.  In addition to going to a few college camps, he’ll continue to train with Coach Dickinson during the summer. In the short term, he’ll be leading FBU Team Connecticut, playing at the NUC Youth All-American game, as well as the DMaxx Youth All-American game next month.

With such dedication and so much football left to be played, there’s no doubt that Daron Bryden’s name will continue to be included in the conversation about rising QB stars.   


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