How Alabama commitment David Cornwell became a top quarterback prospect

Not long before his family moved to Jones from Florida in early 2012, David Cornwell started working out with former Oklahoma offensive coordinator Joe Dickinson. That's when the Norman North QB said he started turning the corner.

Getting on the plane heading back from Alabama after he committed to the Crimson Tide, Norman North quarterback David Cornwell was ready to relax. That didn't last long.

On the plane, the passenger behind Cornwell stood up and wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him on his decision.

“It's never going to sleep,” Cornwell said of the attention that goes along with being one of the most high-profile prospects in the country. “It's going to be here year-round but I'm ready to attack it.

“That's the life I've been born into so I've got to embrace it.”

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Story by Ryan Aber of originally published on June 20, 2013